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Talk to me about Tidal ? - To be a Rock and not a Roll - 2017-10-01 16:06

Been away from the Forum and Linn for a while but I’m thinking it would time to change the way I receive my 0 & 1’s, normally I buy cd’s and rip, and I sort of like the material feel of my little boxes.
I’ve started to use my sons Spotify that I use on my Sonos in the Kitchen, and I get the benefits but no FLAC available.

So before if I jump into Tidal, should I look at any alternatives, is there a deal I need to grab..... ?

Sorry complete novice here, but I think it could be a convert.... Convert me happy! Big Grin

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - pblang - 2017-10-01 16:18

Hi there,

I have had Tidal since it was made available natively on my DS, and I am generally very happy with the service. It sounds very good (not quite as good as my local files, but is is probably a perceptual bias...). It hardly ever drops out and I find probably 99% of the music I am interested in listening to.

It probably « saved » me from buying many albums which I would have listened to once or twice; great value there... If I am really interested in an album, I will look for it on my usual HD download sites. One other thing I love is the ability to bring music offline on my Ipad when I travel.

Hope this helps.

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - timster (RadiatorCatHammock) - 2017-10-01 16:25

There is also Qobuz as an alternative, same price but you can go Sublime, with discounts on HiRes downloads, and Sublime+ with HiRes streaming.
Some things on Tidal not always available on Qobuz, and vice-versa sometimes, but I believe they have a better classical/jazz library.

Best bet is try each, they both have at least 30 day free trials.

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - shellspeed - 2017-10-01 16:31

Indeed, for £20 month you can get a lot of value if you listen on a regular basis. Great for trying out new stuff, background music saving wear on carts, play lists are good when you can’t figure out what you want to listen to etc.

The shear volume of artists in a little daunting but read the forums for suggestions, I have brought many albums on vinyl doing this. As you favourite stuff you get recommendations (although this works better on ITunes in my experience. You can also download to a portable device for offline listening in the car etc.

The best thing is if it’s not for you then just cancel it.

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - HansBertil - 2017-10-01 17:20

Tidal is a handy way to find new music and I would guess I use it for almost half of my music consumption. One thing I noticed though is that among my favourite albums quite a lot is not available any more. So there is still reason to buy some music. Another thing is the quite large amount of re-mastererd albums. They seldomly sound better than the ripped ones from my own CD collection. But still, I like and use Tidal a lot. /HansBertil

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - sunbeamgls - 2017-10-01 17:46

Tidal is great value for trying stuff that's new to you, as would be Qobuz. Its good quality, but its not close to what you get from your locally ripped CDs or purchased downloads.
They "watermark" the music and it makes it significantly less enjoyable to listen to and messes up some vocals quite noticeably.
So great for finding new stuff, great for casual listening, but when I want a proper sit down and listen session, its always local files for me.

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - Scooter - 2017-10-01 18:45

Started with Spotify, then tried Tidal but have settled with Quboz. Now I have upgraded to Quboz Sublime + which streams high res. As someone has previously said not everything is available to stream in high res even it is for sale at high res. There was an issue with buffering from Tidal and I would hope that has been fixed now. I also must be honest since switching to Sublime + my spending has reduced slightly. For me the advantage of streaming is the ability to try albums before committing to buy.

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - Antonmb - 2017-10-02 00:33

(2017-10-01 17:46)sunbeamgls Wrote:  They "watermark" the music and it makes it significantly less enjoyable to listen to and messes up some vocals quite noticeably.

As I recall, it was Universal Music Group that was watermarking their music distributed for streaming, not Tidal or Qobuz who were doing it. It created a bit of a buzz a couple of years ago but I haven’t heard anything about it lately. I’m not sure if it’s still being done.

While I still buy music I want to have to play repeatedly, I do stream a bit from both Tidal and Qobuz and generally find the quality in 16/44 to be excellent on most selections. As for which to chose, I find Tidal has a more extensive selection of popular music, and Qobuz has a much better selection of classical and jazz. I’d highly recommend one or the other depending on your tastes.

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - mcgillroy - 2017-10-02 07:45

Signed up with Qobuz Sublime two weeks ago. Pretty happy so far, sound quality is excellent, selection for classical music is very good and mostly everything else in other genres is available too. The discount on high-rez files is a nice plus.

The only thing I miss is composers shown per track on classical albums. This is a general issue with all streaming services except for Idago or Primephonic which offer classical exclusively. Apple Music gets this right too, but just doesn't sound as good as Qobuz.

RE: Talk to me about Tidal ? - To be a Rock and not a Roll - 2017-10-02 11:21

Thanks Guys..... excellent feedback as ever !
I think I’m going to go down the road of 1 months trial of both Tidal & Qobuz.

Since I’m such am such a novice, slowly slowly.... what I do find interesting, it seems I will still be ripping from my cd’s until further notice, but maybe the high res download for stuff I want to keep ?

Anyway, I am quite excited about jumping into this world, especially now Homes under Hammer has finished this morning, ahh the benefits of being retired !