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Linn Sara DMS to PMS Procedure
2012-04-03, 16:41 (This post was last modified: 2012-04-03 16:45 by Dr_Eddie.)
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RE: Linn Sara DMS to PMS Procedure
Now we come to the 8 inch bass/mid driver that forms the heart of this deceptively simple speaker. The famous KEF B200.
There were 5 versions of this drive unit made by KEF.

These were:
1. The SP1014
2. The SP1022
3. The SP1039
4. The SP1054
5. The SP1063

Here are the data sheets for each model in turn:

[Image: Data_Sheet_SP1014.jpg]

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[Image: Data_Sheet_SP1022.jpg]

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[Image: Data_SHeet_SP1039.jpg]

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[Image: Data_Sheet_SP1054.jpg]

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[Image: Data_Sheet_SP1063.jpg]

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First of all, take note that the final model SP1063 is identical to the SP1014 apart from the fact that the voice coil is wound in aluminium instead of the usual copper.
The effect of this can be seen in the temperature endurance of the coil.
This is raised from 180 deg. C to 250 deg. C although strange as it may seem, the power handling and sensitivity are completely unaffected. So this unit offers barely any improvement apart from a more rugged voice coil.

Let’s take a look at the physical features of each drive unit,

[Image: DSC00853.jpg]

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[Image: DSC00854.jpg]

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[Image: DSC00855.jpg]

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This is the unit favoured by Linn, the SP1014, also known as the white belly B200 for obvious reasons. The convex cardboard dust cap is added by Linn, and was later deleted as unnecessary. What useful purpose it served is debatable. I have listened extensively to both white belly and standard Kef versions and could not detect any difference at all.

You will notice that the spider is coated in thick bitumastic paint, which is supposed to deaden resonances, but actually has very little effect. I found the roof flashing much more effective and cleaner to use. The chassis is practically inert after such treatment. Note the size of the magnet assembly.

Now we come to the SP1022 unit. Compare the data sheet of this unit to the 1014.

[Image: DSC00856.jpg]

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[Image: DSC00857.jpg]

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[Image: DSC00858.jpg]

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Take a gander at the magnet assembly…………………………………..this is a serious rework of the complete motor assembly.
A sort of, stage 2 tuning kit, if applied to the automotive comparison.

Now we come to the SP1039……………………………………look at the data sheet again.

[Image: DSC00859.jpg]

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[Image: DSC00860.jpg]

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[Image: DSC00861.jpg]

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The motor unit on this is one beast, trust me. This is the audio equivalent of a fast road/rally engine. If this doesn’t sound incredible I’ll eat my hat. As explained before I only have 3 of these units at the moment, it shouldn’t be too difficult to grab another though, and when I do, the inevitable re-rebuild will take place. But for now I’m content to try the SP1022. This will decide if there any merit at all in the big magnet B200’s

I’m almost certain there will be huge benefits, the reasons why Linn chose the most weedy unit will remain a mystery to me, if I’m proved right but time will tell.

Wait a minute though, there IS another B200 I haven’t yet discussed. The SP1054.
If the SP1039 is a fast road/rally unit then the SP1054 is a full race/ running on nitro.
If I ever get my hands on 4 of these…………………..well the neighbours will be quaking in their boots. A sensitivity nearly double that of the 1014 and 100 watts continuous RMS program. That means each Sara could handle 350 Watts,
700 watts the pair. That beggars belief, ye gods not even the big Briks could come close to that.

And there is one important point to note here as well, a good small 2-way speaker is always better integrated than a large 3-way. I rest my case for now.
Stay tuned to see what happens with 1022’s.

Classic Linn/Naim Six Pack Active Brik System.
Turbocharger driven by a Peter Swain Signature LP12 Music Power Station
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The Sara Doctor.
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