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Pure silver interconnects
2012-10-04, 13:05
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RE: Pure silver interconnects
(2012-10-04 08:33)rad Wrote:  
(2012-10-04 00:17)Eldarboy Wrote:  Marc Stager in NYC ( makes a very good silver cable for a more than reasonable cost. I have two sets set up with Linn silvers, and they are marvellous. I tried them on a lark almost 2 years ago, since the cost was so reasonable, and they are beyond impressive. I fully endorse their use. Had I already not had a bunch of Linn silvers, I would have all Marc Stagers. They open the music and present a large, beautifully detailed articulation of each note. Try a set, and read the accompanying reviews.

Could you clarify where in your system you have used these cables (i.e. between which components)? Did you experience the brightness that others have described?
I have them right now from the tuner to the pre-amp: and the fm music has become clearer and, yes, brighter = clearer, but this is a good thing. They removed a layer of veiling that seemed to cover the sound. I also have them daisy-chained between amps: bass to mid, and mid to treble (A4200s to AV5140s). I do have Linn silvers from AK to the A4200s, and from my sources to the AK. I was going to gradually get Linn silvers across the board, but I really like the sound of the Stagers that I do not plan on making the change. I had originally purchased the Stagers as an interim fit until I could get Linn Silvers for everything. If I did it all over, and the Stagers were much less expensive than used Linn silvers ($85 each versus an average of $200 for the Linn silvers), I'd just do Stagers across the entire system.

I think the criticism of brightness is more a reflection of the state of one's overall system than anything else. Good connections, etc. tend to reveal the true tendencies of a system. I think that "brightness" = a clearer articulation in all registers, and to some, the actual harshness of some instruments is unappealing.

Stager does offer a full refund if you are not satisfied, by the way. Cheers

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