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MinimStreamer support for new BBC HLS AAC streams
2015-02-18, 14:32
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RE: MinimStreamer support for new BBC HLS AAC streams
(2015-02-16 22:35)clanger9 Wrote:  Fantastic! I can now enjoy all the new HLS BBC streams in 320kbps AAC on my DS. Smile
I made a playlist with all of the known (UK only) 320kbps streams. Note these won't work outside the UK (the international URLs are slightly different and are limited to 96kbps AAC+):
#EXTINF:-1,[*R1] BBC Radio 1
#EXTINF:-1,[*R1X] BBC Radio 1Xtra
#EXTINF:-1,[*R2] BBC Radio 2
#EXTINF:-1,[*R3] BBC Radio 3
#EXTINF:-1,[*R4] BBC Radio 4 FM
#EXTINF:-1,[*R4X] BBC Radio 4 Extra
#EXTINF:-1,[*R4L] BBC Radio 4 LW
#EXTINF:-1,[*R5] BBC Radio 5 Live
#EXTINF:-1,[*R5X] BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
#EXTINF:-1,[*R6] BBC Radio 6 Music
#EXTINF:-1,[*AN] BBC Asian Network
#EXTINF:-1,[*SC] BBC Radio Scotland FM
#EXTINF:-1,[*SCM] BBC Radio Scotland MW
#EXTINF:-1,[*NG] BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal
#EXTINF:-1,[*UL] BBC Radio Ulster
#EXTINF:-1,[*FO] BBC Radio Foyle
#EXTINF:-1,[*WA] BBC Radio Wales
#EXTINF:-1,[*CY] BBC Radio Cymru
#EXTINF:-1,[*BE] BBC Radio Berkshire
#EXTINF:-1,[*BR] BBC Radio Bristol
#EXTINF:-1,[*CA] BBC Radio Cambridge
#EXTINF:-1,[*CO] BBC Radio Cornwall
#EXTINF:-1,[*CW] BBC Radio Coventry Warwickshire
#EXTINF:-1,[*CU] BBC Radio Cumbria
#EXTINF:-1,[*DE] BBC Radio Derby
#EXTINF:-1,[*DV] BBC Radio Devon
#EXTINF:-1,[*ES] BBC Radio Essex
#EXTINF:-1,[*GL] BBC Radio Gloucestershire
#EXTINF:-1,[*GU] BBC Radio Guernsey
#EXTINF:-1,[*HW] BBC Radio Hereford Worcester
#EXTINF:-1,[*HU] BBC Radio Humberside
#EXTINF:-1,[*JE] BBC Radio Jersey
#EXTINF:-1,[*KE] BBC Radio Kent
#EXTINF:-1,[*LA] BBC Radio Lancashire
#EXTINF:-1,[*LE] BBC Radio Leeds
#EXTINF:-1,[*LC] BBC Radio Leicester
#EXTINF:-1,[*LI] BBC Radio Lincolnshire
#EXTINF:-1,[*LO] BBC Radio London
#EXTINF:-1,[*MA] BBC Radio Manchester
#EXTINF:-1,[*ME] BBC Radio Merseyside
#EXTINF:-1,[*NE] BBC Radio Newcastle
#EXTINF:-1,[*NO] BBC Radio Norfolk
#EXTINF:-1,[*NH] BBC Radio Northampton
#EXTINF:-1,[*NT] BBC Radio Nottingham
#EXTINF:-1,[*OX] BBC Radio Oxford
#EXTINF:-1,[*SH] BBC Radio Sheffield
#EXTINF:-1,[*SR] BBC Radio Shropshire
#EXTINF:-1,[*SL] BBC Radio Solent
#EXTINF:-1,[*SS] BBC Radio Somerset Sound
#EXTINF:-1,[*ST] BBC Radio Stoke
#EXTINF:-1,[*SU] BBC Radio Suffolk
#EXTINF:-1,[*SR] BBC Radio Surrey
#EXTINF:-1,[*SX] BBC Radio Sussex
#EXTINF:-1,[*TE] BBC Radio Tees
#EXTINF:-1,[*3C] BBC Radio Three Counties
#EXTINF:-1,[*WI] BBC Radio Wiltshire
#EXTINF:-1,[*WM] BBC Radio West Midlands
#EXTINF:-1,[*YO] BBC Radio York
#EXTINF:-1,[*WS] BBC World Service

Edit: if you want to listen outside the UK, replace the "../uk/sbr_high/.." part of the URL with "../nonuk/sbr_low/.."

For those not familiar with MinimServer:
  1. Save the above BBC Radio playlist as the text file "BBC Radio.m3u" in a new folder on your machine or NAS
  2. Download and install MinimServer
  3. Start MinimServer and point it at the folder where the BBC Radio playlist lives
  4. Go to the Mimserver properties, click on 'Packages', select 'minimstreamer', click 'Install' then click 'Relaunch'
  5. Now start Kinsky and browse to /Home/Library/MinimServer/1 playlist/BBC Radio
  6. Select 'Music Server' as the Kinsky source, double-click a radio station
  7. Enjoy!

Thanks to clanger9 for the list of url's. With the recent addition of artwork support to Minimserver I have collated together a set of logos. These are all low res. Simply unzip the linked file and put all the files in a sub folder (I suggest called BBC Radio) of your music server and rescan. The zip contains the m3u file so you can delete any other versions you might have created.


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