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Best software for ripping CDs
2017-08-09, 20:52
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RE: Best software for ripping CDs
Another one for Windows is MediaMonkey. Performs secure rip and artwork seems to work ok. The main draw for me though is that it can take flac from the NAS and transcode to 320mp3 on-the-fly direct to iPhone 6.

Just had a quick look for mac users and found this. Not sure what it means though.

MediaMonkey packaged as a Wineskin application that can run natively on Mac OSX. Perfect for playing music on your Mac and editing ID3 tags. At last you are free of having to use iTunes and the full power of MediaMonkey is available to Mac users. Uses the MAD Plugin for sound reproduction. Note 1:USB devices will not be seen by MM. Note 2:Some addons may not work reliably with this approach.

A full licence cost about £30 if I remember correctly.

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2017-08-10, 20:34
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RE: Best software for ripping CDs
@davidking Not sure if this qualifies as ‘cleaning’ as such, but, after polishing the playing surfaces with Brasso metal polish I have managed to successfully rip (using EAC) many CDs that were so badly scratched as to be unplayable. The abrasives in the polish smooth out the scratches sufficiently well that all but the worst CDs can be salvaged this way.

The big advantage of this is I can buy used discs cheaply, usually from charity shops and the like, enabling me to try a range of unfamiliar artists I’m prepared to take a £1.50 gamble on – but not £11.50!

I should add that this method is a last resort, I’m not advocating it as a ‘standard practice’.
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2017-08-13, 09:20
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RE: Best software for ripping CDs
(2011-03-05 19:35)Wammer Wrote:  
(2011-03-04 15:31)Sauerball Wrote:  
(2011-03-04 04:57)jcchristopher Wrote:  Rats--the software discussed is Windows only.
Anyone have Mac suggestions?

XLD is good on OS X.

Where do I find XLD?


XLD is excellent & I've ripped several thousand CDs using it. I use another Mac OS program Metadatics for tagging & embedding artwork. I use Image Editor to doctor artwork if I feel the need.

You can get XLD to rip into iTunes if you use ALAC or AIFF. A reason you might want to is you can use SingerSongReader to scan iTunes music & add most of the lyrics. I used to do this, but since adopting J River Media Centre to play, manage & serve my music library, I rip to FLAC & keep my metadata fairly basic.

If you've ripped with iTunes I wouldn't lose sleep over it. You can check the accuracy of your rips with XLD if you wish. Some years ago I compared rips with different rippers using bit comparisons of their PCM chunks & found them identical. I did this because there were claims a certain manufacturer's hardware Serve did better rips. On CDs I tried it didn't - its rips were same as everybody else's including iTunes. Of course, I only tested a few CDs & can't be sure it's the case for every CD.

That said I found iTunes problematic & steer clear of it. The problems I had may be history, but I've not gone back to it. I think iTunes handles artwork in a less than satisfactory way. Though I do miss SingerSongReader.

Ripping SACDs is fun, but that's another thread ....

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