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LP 12 upgrades
2008-05-08, 07:56
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LP 12 upgrades
Having read the various upgrades on here and elsewhere,i have a totally original spec lp12 pre 1974 (serial no: 1626) i'm thinking of upgrading,so what in your opinion is the most effective upgrade the lp12 ever had?.

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2008-05-08, 09:03
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RE: LP 12 upgrades

You have a very early spec of the LP 12 so you cannot upgrade to the latest spec. In later versions there some Corner brackets in the plinth you cannot fit to yours and so on.

In best case you do some upgrades to your actual LP 12 you can also use in later specs.

I would recommend a better power supply, a Lingo is a very huge step forward IMO.
A late Ittok LV III / MK 2 or EKOS MK 2 arm wit serial > 7.500 may be the next, or try to get a later spec LP 12 with serial > 70.000. Many of them have Cirkus upgrade.

The best you can get is a LP 12 with serial > 90.600. It has Cirkus factory installed and the new Topplate with the third bolt at the motor - beside Keel it is end featured.



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2008-05-08, 20:50
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RE: LP 12 upgrades
Hi Thorsten,

So the Lingo is the way to go then,been thinking along the lines of Ittok LV III,i'm currently using a SME 3009 MK2 which came with the TT,been reading the Cirkus thread on here and thought that would be a good upgrade as the Cirkus looks the business compared to the standard bearing,i have no intention of going a lots of upgrades as i like the original sound,so Ittok - Cirkus - Lingo it is then,thanks for your reply.

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2008-05-08, 21:05
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RE: LP 12 upgrades
The way I do it is to set myself a budget that I am prepared to spend and try and stick to it .Big Grin Difficult some times .The problem with the Lp12 is that there are so many lovely shiny new upgrades just waiting for me to cave in .
I have discussed it with my dealer and taken his advice , apart from when he mentions the word " Superline " I go slightly deaf .

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2008-05-08, 21:18
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RE: LP 12 upgrades
I guess Eko3 can consider upgrading the plinth to the latest spec, if the current one is preventing other upgrades.

Andrew Randle
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2008-05-08, 22:06
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RE: LP 12 upgrades
AS332 - Tell me about it,going through the whole host of shiny new bits will seriously burn a hole in your pocket,besides i only wanted to upgrade the essential parts to take away the nagging doubts that things may have worn through the years and the tt is not performing as it should.

AndrewR - I actually like the fluted plinth look,did Linn ever made a fluted plinth with corner braces and is it an essential upgrade ?.
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2008-05-09, 04:53
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RE: LP 12 upgrades
T.Kable - biggest improvement I've ever heard considering cost, let's more of what the LP12 is really doing out of the box for the first time ever, and I had an old Japanese Akito

4th bolt near motor (~2000) - cheap and big improvement, might be doable with an older plinth, or as standard with a new pllinth

new motor (~2001) - again cheap and noticable improvement

rebuild - if you've not had your LP12 touched for a few years, this will be worth it in itself, the wooden plinth drys out (the LP12 is like a stratovarius violin:) changes shape and temporarily distorts the shape of the metalwork, also the bearing oil and suspension grommits will need changing, belts also wear and so lose performance

Cirkus - instruments more distinct and inky black empty stage between them, better & cheaper than Lingo

Trampolin - I really like the naturalness of the timing

Lingo - any is good, newer is better

Cymbiosis Klimax LP12 SE - Karmen Kandid, Radikal/1M KDS/1 KK/1 Solos/1 K200 242/1
Kisto, AV 2250/d, Komponent 104
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2008-05-09, 07:57
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RE: LP 12 upgrades
Warren,nice suggestions thanks,T cable only applicable when i get a Ittok but never heard of the 4th bolt mod before,as for the other bits,i've only ever changed the oil and belt but never changed anything in the suspension front,i believe new springs were available in later years,do they make a big difference or just make the "bounce" better?,think i'll stick to my plans of going arm,bearing and lingo though,otherwise things will run away with me.

P.S. Impressive system you have there Warren. Cool

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2008-05-11, 20:45
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RE: LP 12 upgrades
Eko3 Wrote:AndrewR - I actually like the fluted plinth look,did Linn ever made a fluted plinth with corner braces and is it an essential upgrade ?.

Yes they did, I have one Big Grin
I'm not sure how essential the upgrade is but I guess it was done to strengthen the corners so the plinth didn't fall apart (eventually).

Myself I'd buy a Lingo first as it really is a big massive improvement, you'll get nothing like it from other upgrades unless you buy a Keel or Ekos SE as the motor vibration is killing the free delivery of information from the deck.
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2008-05-12, 03:45
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RE: LP 12 upgrades
Most of my recommendations are cheap.

In terms of servicing, dealers do one of two things.
A 80 quid reset: includes things such as change grommits and oil, get suspension to bounce correctly, realign plinth to top plate
A 170 quid rebuild: completely take apart and rebuild

So if you're going to a dealer, getting the 4th bolt and a new motor fitted are cheap and big upgrades relative to the cost of something like a rebuild or the cost of getting a cirkus or arm. Also all these upgrades are all easy things to do to the deck that make a big difference.

If you did nothing more than all these little bits you would get a great transformation for little cost. I was gobsmacked how big a difference the bolt/motor/rebuild difference was last year.

The LP12 is the LP12. And the most important part of the LP12 is the LP12. So have the best LP12 possible, before making the related extras better.

As I understand it springs last years, so don't need replacing often, and I'm not aware if springs have been upgraded at all. It is more a case of the grommits wear out and the suspension needs resetting once every few years.

You said your plan is: arm, bearing, lingo
I would recommend: bearing, lingo, arm
I was going to get a Valhalla Ittok LVIII Mk.2 until my dealer at the time recommended it would be better to get a Lingo Akito.
Having just replaced this Japanese Akito (i.e. pre 1994 and not as good as all the Scottish Akitos made since) with a late Ekos 2, I'd still go along with this.
I also know the original-bearing to Cirkus upgrade well. And the cirkus is a much bigger upgrade than an arm upgrade in my experience.

Impressive system, thanks. I got an important promotion a few years and decided to treat myself to a CD12 (just as they stopped making them). I went to Linn Harrods as they always had at least one playing on display, but they didn't, they had already sold out. Instead they had a Unidisc SC, 2250, Akurate 242s playing a Now CD playing. I had a better CD and amp at the time, but not speakers even though mine were aktiv, and hearing Avril Lavigne's Happy Ending on this system was just sooo fantastically amazing. It completely trashed my system from a height that would give highly experienced astronauts a phobia. I ended up getting a CD12 2nd hand on ebay in return for funding a Thailand honeymoon. However, after two years that amazingly Happy experience was still ever present, so I got some 242s, which are such detailed speakers, I discovered during demoing, it made sense to upgrade my preamp first, and there was basically only one sensible choice.

Your original question was what is the best upgrade to the LP12. The biggest I've ever heard is the Keel. Just on its own I've not heard anything else like it. The first time I heard it I didn't think I was hearing an LP12.

Cymbiosis Klimax LP12 SE - Karmen Kandid, Radikal/1M KDS/1 KK/1 Solos/1 K200 242/1
Kisto, AV 2250/d, Komponent 104
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