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Welcome to the new Linn website
2011-10-10, 19:41 (This post was last modified: 2011-10-10 19:50 by Briain.)
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RE: Welcome to the new Linn website
Well, the new main Linn site certainly looks very pretty, but it's not easy to get to the information you might be wanting. Personally, I think far too many modern web sites are all about superficial presentation and not so focussed on content (the major corporate ones are the worst; their marketing managers believe it's more important to show people than anything else). I'm certainly not saying that the Linn site falls anywhere into that category - and it certainly isn't bogged down with flash animations and the like - but from what I've seen, the lack of information could be a bit of an issue. For example, To me, the site now implies that the Klimax system is now the KDSM and 350A. Does that mean Linn have dropped the KDS, KK, 350A, 345, etc from the product portfolio? Maybe they have, but assuming not, where is the information about them? There are pictures of Sky boxes and Xbox's (or is it a PS3) all over the shop, but where is the KK or 345? Okay, I'm being super cheeky and OTT cause y'all know me, but my underlying point is still a valid one. Big Grin

Just a few thoughts to ponder.

KDS/1 (music) + ADSM (AV) -> KK/1 -> 350A + miniDSP time & phase aligned 345 rear sub
ADS/0 -> Homebrew fixed attenuator -> 2250/D -> 212 and Sizmik front sub (bedroom)
MDSI -> 104C (awaiting installation in my kitchen)
MDSI -> Shahinian Arc (installed at my mum's house)
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