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Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
2012-04-03, 21:10
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RE: Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
While sound quality may be the primary driver for audiophiles, I'd suspect that's not the case for most. Given the prevalence of MP3 (and fast food - but that's another story), it seems most people are driven by cost and convenience and not quality. It's only in rare circumstances, where there's a social trophy to be had for an expense that people will freely spend; as is the case with cars, big flatscreen televisions, and Apple or Harley Davidson products.

Given that vinyl has a cachet with the hipsters, dj's, and even a certain designer retro-coolness, I'd suspect a number of people buy an analog set-up, just so they can say they have one. That 'cool' factor will keep vinyl around - even if there weren't audophiles driving the top-end of the equipment markets.

In fact, I'm not sure the resurgence in the vinyl market has much to do with sound quality at all (audiophile pressings excepted, of course).

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