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Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
2012-04-05, 08:41 (This post was last modified: 2012-04-05 08:42 by Scooter.)
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RE: Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
Excellent post from Salty. I have been lucky enough to move from Akurate to Klimax DS and the biggest revelation I have enjoyed is my older CD's. Salty touched on one such CD I think, Joni Mitchell live at the Hollywood bowl "Shadows and Light". The first time I heard this on vinyl on my LP12 I was blown away and kind of used it as a "reference" album for how good it sounded. The sound (tones or whatever) I get from the Klimax is amazing. I had misgivings after I sold my LP12 to fund the move to DS. I missed the warmth, especially from older recordings (it appears like Salty I was brought up listening to 60's bands/jazz). The Klimax does real justice to older recordings and once again the Joni Mitchell was as revealing when I heard it through DS as I heard it on vinyl. When CD's first came out I always thought piano's and violins sounded good but where was the warmth of a Les Paul or Fender Jazzmaster. We have since progressed to DS. The DS, in my opinion, achieves all that a good LP12 did/does. But in short I think we could call it progress which without companies like Linn we would still be listening to vinyl or accepting CD’s as the way forward.
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