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Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
2012-04-05, 09:19
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RE: Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
(2012-04-05 01:21)SaltyDog Wrote:  @stunta I take it as compliment having my post being compared to Charlie1's. His are some of the most enjoyable to me both here and on Lejonklou.

Thanks guys – that’s very kind of you both. I’m still here - lurking.

I tend to do a bit of both, so mostly listen to older music that I missed (like Salty), with the odd new LP, partly to reassure myself I still have some idea about current music. But it takes me a fairly long time to digest albums, so I don’t get through them very quickly, and (like Stunta) will go back to them every now and then if they suit my mood.

I still have some unusual behaviour in that I like to divide my music collection in two. The stuff I really like, or value in some way, stays in the listening room and the rest goes into storage. I then take some sort of juvenile pride in what’s on display – “this is my taste in music” sort of thing, although people very rarely look through these days :O(

Salty, I’m afraid there is some Dylan above the garage, can’t recall them all - certainly ‘Pat Garrat and Billy the Kid’, although of course that means ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ is not easily to hand.

I recently directly compared my own LP12 to a KDS/1 for the first time, although not in my own system. They were similar value as it was Linto/Klyde instead of Urika/Akiva. We only compared a couple of tracks. I have an early pressing of Rumours, pressing in the US sometime within first year of release, so a tough one for the KDS to go against. The KDS wasn’t as good, but the gap wasn’t very big at all – which was quite a surprise (for me) :O) Maybe living with digital source again wouldn’t suit me, but it certainly doesn’t seem likely that would be the case.

But unless the KDS can make a substantial gain over the LP12, and maintain it over a few years, then I’ll remain committed to vinyl as it works really well for me, despite the title of the thread. But I know it’s not very well suited to the listening habits of a many.
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