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Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
2012-04-05, 17:44
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RE: Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
Dr_Eddie I have had an LP12 since 1980. I have over 600 albums almost all in excellent condition. A loricraft PRC-3. Defragging a HDD is not as satisfying as watching that beautifully clean record emerge from the vacuum pickup. The cleaning makes an audible improvement too. (And a K100 since 1985.) I'm keeping them all because there is "something" about them. But I objectively can not say that they are better. Easier to feel attached, but that is a familiarity, memory, and emotion. Music achieves the same things regardless of format. So what is that something? I'm not denying it is there. I do question the value. I do question the better musically. The quiet between the notes is such music to my ears. I do understand that others prefer analog and the ritual. Finding an LP and then pulling it out of the sleeve, turning it to catch the light just so is more satisfying than taking a bunch of empty jewel cases to the counter and waiting on the guys to pull the discs from the file drawers and toss them in a pile. I just can't get that feel from a jewel case. But when I sit in my chair to listen to music it has never been as satisfying as it is now. And that is the bottom line true test.

There is some benefit to the 21st century.

The cost to bring my LP12 up to pass the KDS is considerable. It is not something that I will take on the words of others. My ears will need to justify the expenditure. It is not my fault that the demo is so hard to do in the US. I live on the outskirts of the 3rd largest city in the country.

In the meanwhile I enjoy the KDS and the way I listen. I also keep seeing more and more records and vintage TTs at my local Disc Replay store. And I will ride that K100 again.....someday.

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