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Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
2012-04-11, 03:42
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RE: Why vinyl will remain dead...or comatose..
(2012-04-11 02:24)Dr_Eddie Wrote:  Strangely enough, at this years Grammy awards, Dave Grohl made a stunning announcement on being awarded a Grammy for best album ( wastelight by the Foo FIghters ).

" People ask me, how come it sounds so good ?, I'll tell you. We just went out into my garage with a 2 inch tape deck and a couple of mics and recorded the whole thing live. There wasn't a computer within 30 miles of it "

I think he's got a point, don't you ?
The point that is more important than the lack of computers is that it was recorded live. It is impossible to capture the music that results as a synergy of the people being in the same room, playing together, reading each other. David Elias has done the same thing direct on DSD, and the results speak for themselves as do several others on the 2L label. The musicality of a performance can be captured only if it is there in the first place, and it is a darned sight harder for it to be there when all a player hears is a click-track overlaid in the headphones. The Grammy was for best album and not best recording quality (although that it might be too). The obsession with overdubbing every imperfect note is what makes music so sterile, imho. OTOH, I'll pick my vinyl rig over any digital source I've heard out there and here, so I'm going to stay on the fence.Tongue

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