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Old Akito vs. new/used Ekos
2013-12-11, 06:02
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Old Akito vs. new/used Ekos
I took the plunge and bought the used Ekos mentioned in my other thread. It's a Mk2 made in 2005, with a silver T-Kable. Am I overwhelmed? Was it a night-and-day difference?

Let's start with the facts.

1. My deck is not exactly high-spec but I love it: Mose/Hercules, Cirkus, std sub-chassis, unbraced fluted plinth, no baseboard.

2. It seems to be accepted wisdom to improve things "below stairs" before up top but I did not have that choice as the arm came up and I had to move.

3. My Akito 2B (104,000+ s/n) was rewired with Cardas silver and the headshell connector was removed, running the wires directly from cart to arm-plug.

4. I was using a high-spec Audio Origami SOFC cable with Cardas socket on the Akito and that was retro-fitted with Eichmann Silver Bullet plugs.

5. Of the two guys at my dealership, the one who "doesn't do as many LP12s these days" fitted the arm.

So ... after not quite a week, it does sound beautiful, some LPs sound fuller, some instruments sound richer but I'm not overwhelmed. Not underwhelmed, either, maybe just whelmed. Certainly not unhappy, though, don't get me wrong.

I plan to get a Kore next, then a Tramp, both of which are improvements in the right direction. Then, quite probably a rewire. I am hoping that will unleash more of this arm's full potential in due course.
My wife said she noticed straight away and she's hearing more detail.

In the meantime, Akito owners, if you make the changes I did to mine, you may be amazed.


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2013-12-11, 09:32 (This post was last modified: 2013-12-11 09:34 by The Flatearther.)
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RE: Old Akito vs. new/used Ekos
Dom regardless of arm wiring the Ekos II should knock the Akito out of the park. If it doesnt then something's not quite right. The Akito is no Ekos let alone a mark II.

Have a chat to your regular Linn guy and share your feelings I'm sure he will want to both know and help.


The Flatearther
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2013-12-11, 09:39
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RE: Old Akito vs. new/used Ekos
Don't worry.

I upgraded to one of the last Ekos 2s from an early 1990s Akito, and I wasn't blown away either.

In my book big upgrades are:
Lingo 2 from a 1.
Trampolin over std base.

However, what you do have now is a platform from which to hang a top cartridge, which is another huge upgrade.

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2013-12-11, 11:52
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RE: Old Akito vs. new/used Ekos
I tend to agree with Warren - it's not a mindblowing difference, though it certainly is there.
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2013-12-12, 04:43
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RE: Old Akito vs. new/used Ekos
Quote:If it doesnt then something's not quite right.

Yeah, Flat, that's where I'm at. I will be returning it for a re-tweak when I can find the time but that is in very short supply ATM. I'm also going to get them to fit the AO cable.

There was quite a big difference between std. and rewired Akito so I can't count the wire out of the picture completely but I had thought maybe there would be a greater contrast between the two arms. Silly of me to have expectations?

Warren, I only went in to discuss a Kore and saw the Ekos, so the Kore and Tramp will bring me into line more and yes, a great arm waiting for the best cart I can afford. As it goes, they also had a used Akiva and even an ex-demo Keel, lucky for someone ... gulp ...


Sondek, Hammond, Leslie, Rhodes and Moog.
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