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Linn's summer promotion
2016-08-24, 13:14 (This post was last modified: 2016-08-24 13:20 by Donald.)
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RE: Linn's summer promotion
(2016-08-24 12:27)Fitter Stoke Wrote:  Well, that's me well and truly put in my place. Cheers guys.

Hi FS - certainly not my intention to upset a fellow Richard Thompson fan, hence the Smiley faces in my Post. Smile

I'm more concerned for my own (mental) health and well-being as I've just agreed with one of Tin's posts! Sad

Your question as to why why Series 5 integrated speakers were omitted from this offer is not an unreasonable one but I just don't think you'll get any justification or reasoned arguments from Linn Marketing. Sure gavinm (one of the "good guys") posted earlier in the Thread and there were enough hints in their to satisfy my curiosity and assumptions about Series 5 integrated speakers.

At the Factory event in September 2015, Linn made it clear that Series 5 integrated speakers were not to be regarded as the next development in their mainstream product hierarchy - what that will be, a Nation waits!

Finally, no one said that you were "spitting out the dummy" which would have been inappropriate no matter who it had come from! You also state that you " ... remain disappointed that it didn't justify such a response, but I'm quite a bit more disappointed at the tone of your replies." Again apologies if any of my comments have come across in this way but I just don't understand how you expected any other outcome from Linn Marketing - at the end of the day they are a private limited company (or as they like to remind us from time to time a precision engineering company that manufactures hi-fi and audio equipment).

(2016-08-24 12:27)Fitter Stoke Wrote:  But I learn, and I move on. In the words of the great Richard Thompson, I'll crawl back under my stone...

We've all been there and it's a dark, unforgiving place - come back into the light soon! Big Grin

At the end of the day it's only the Linn Forum!

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2016-08-24, 17:02
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RE: Linn's summer promotion
Fitter; life is to short to take everything to seriously. This is why I try to liven things up, but I never intend to stray away to far from the subject, not have I any issues to act serious if and when neccesary.
But just as you find our frivolous remarks hard to read, so do I find remarks hard to read where people seem to demand all sort of things from others and/or Linn.
Everyone is different, has different backgrounds, have had different experiences and found different ways to handle them.
This is not the best place to write it down, but I've battled a quite harmless but extremely painful digesting illness for 25 years, and no one will take my frivolity away from me. It is what kept me going.

There is no need to hide beneath rocks, just let me do my thing and I'll let you do yours.
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