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Beta 2: Catwalk Radio - multi-room audio / party mode server
2009-08-07, 17:16 (This post was last modified: 2009-08-27 10:51 by John McAleely.)
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Beta 2: Catwalk Radio - multi-room audio / party mode server
[Please see the later postings for updates]

I'm pleased to announce the next product from Transmission Begins to join our Catwalk range: Catwalk Radio.

Catwalk Radio is our working name for the software, which implements multi-room playback using only industry standards. This has the key advantage that it will work with uPnP renderers (like the Linn DS family) from multiple vendors.

Initially it is limited to sharing the analog audio input of the PC it is running on, and cannot directly play back a file from your hard disk/NAS.

It is now beta quality, and we are opening a beta program for testing by anyone interested. As well as our gratitude, we will offer a discount on the purchase price to active beta program participants.

We're both (Morgan and myself) looking forward to hearing from you all here, or via


- A Windows PC to run the software (Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or better)
- An analog source to capture audio from
- A cable to connect the two!

- Your existing uPnP setup of at least one controller and renderer, such as LinnGUI and a member of the DS family.

Download from:


- Set up your PC with an analog audio source plugged in to its line/mic input. A radio would be a good choice, but any analog audio you connect should work (I've used my iPod via its headphone jack!). If you're doing this for the first time, you can confirm the setup works with 'Sound Recorder' in the accessories menu.

- Download and run the installation file above.
- Run 'Catwalk Radio' from your Start Menu.
- After a few moments, the window should display 'Catwalk Radio (Host running)', and a tree view of the audio inputs of your PC.
- Now move to your favourite uPnP controller (e.g. LinnGUI), and browse the 'Catwalk Radio' Media Server.
- Browse to the 'Audio In' folder, and then select the music track 'Default audio input'.
- Set this to be played on a uPnP renderer (e.g. a DS family device).
- You can now hear whatever is fed in to the PC's line/mic input, on your DS.
- You can send the same music track to multiple devices, and they will all play the same audio.

- If your PC setup is more complex, you can examine the music tracks that appear in the 'DirectSound' folder. Each represents a device that windows can capture audio from on your PC.
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2009-08-12, 15:18
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RE: New software (beta): Catwalk Radio - multi-room audio from your PC
I've edited the post above to reflect that Catwalk Radio is now public on our website.

More information on the launch is at my blog:

You'll find we've posted more detailed information, particularly a screenshot:

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2009-08-27, 10:08
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RE: (Beta 2): Catwalk Radio - multi-room audio from your PC
Catwalk Radio Beta 2 is now live on our website:

This adds the capability to use your network hi-fi in party mode. This release can only play back CD quality wav files (ie 44.1KHz, 16 bit, stereo). We did try it briefly with Asset's transcoding to wav, which seemed to work well, if you don't have wav files to hand.

While we plan to make this work with any uPnP compatible hi-fi, we're only testing here with DS family devices at the moment. That's why this is labelled beta software.

It creates two devices on your network. One is a renderer like your hi-fi that you can send any music you want to hear in party mode to, and the other is a media server that will send that music to your actual hi-fis. Full instructions are here:

We look forward to your feedback.
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