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Sara Help?
2017-03-23, 19:15
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RE: Sara Help?
(2017-03-22 01:17)oldlinnguy Wrote:  
(2017-03-21 20:26)Dr_Eddie Wrote:  What you will most likely need is a good serviceable KEF SP 1012 unit. Linn did modify these. The mods included venting the voice coil former to aid heat dispersion and applying bitumastik damping to the chassis spider. I have used standard SP1012 units and applied bitumastic roof flashing which works on the chassis better than paint. The venting wasn't a deal breaker IMO. Just make sure you don't overdrive them with a weedy amp. That is the easiest way to fry a Sara bass unit voice coil.
They need an amplifier that can deliver good clean power into an awkward low impedance load ( less than 2 ohms ) without clipping. Easier said than done.

Thanks, Dr. I used to drive them with an original LK1 & 2 modified by Linn from 60 watts RMS/ch to 80 w. It worked great for some time, up until it didn't! I've been out of the audio market for a while so I'm not up on current amplifier options. I will try to find the KEF driver unless I get lucky & find an original Sara woofer. Easier said than done - but I did hear from a guy in Germany who has some parts, so we'll see.

Thank you!
Incidentally, if you ever store speakers again, never, ever put them in the loft. The heat in high summer will soften the glues holding the voice coils and cone surrounds on, and other parts will suffer too. My Saras required a full rebuild after about 5 years in the loft. I had a lot of success with a firm called Retrotech Audio for supplying Kef drivers.

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