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Website hangs
2017-06-24, 09:25
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Website hangs
I click down on "International" and "Germany" here hangs the Site and I have Firefox start again.
[Image: linn_de_hangs.jpg]

Windows 10 and Firefox 54.0
It does not always hang in the same place

Greetings Jörn (sorry for my awful english)
Hörland - Over 40 years LINN
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2017-06-24, 12:28 (This post was last modified: 2017-06-24 13:04 by Briain.)
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RE: Website hangs
I just looked at from within the UK and it loads without any problems, so my guess is that it's a problem with the CDN cached page in your zone (I'm assuming Linn use Clourflare, or something similar). You could try clearing your browser cache in case something stored locally is corrupting the page loading process. Of course, I guess it's also just possible that an asset on the actual page (rather than in the cache) could be upsetting your version of Firefox; I'm using Firefox 45.9.0 on Linux, but I'll try a current version on a Windows machine, later this afternoon.


Edit: Tried Firefox on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit version 1703) and it was fine. Interestingly, it showed the Linn logo full screen for a fraction of a second, then the page continued to load normally. That Windows / Firefox combination had not been used to visit before today (so nothing would be cached) and I couldn't repeat that event (even after clearing the browser cache) so it looks like it was just a one-off off event.

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2017-06-24, 12:40
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RE: Website hangs
The page loads without a problem for me on an iMac with Firefox 53.0

My system: LP12/Keel/Radikal/Urika/Ekos 2/Akiva/Akurate DSM Katalyst/ Kudos /2 x Majik 6100-D/Akubarik (externally active). Cisco WS-C2960-8TC-L/ QNAP 219P II / Grado PS500e.
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