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QNAP TS412 Drive Replacement
2017-09-25, 17:00
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RE: QNAP TS412 Drive Replacement
Sorry to hear that you're still struggling.

I fully agree: At the most critical point (disk failure and need to rebuild) but on the other hand the scenario the NAS was designed for, inconsistent documentation is a No-Go.

Eventually you have a problem with the power supply of your NAS. Did you try running the NAS without disk 1 & 2 (which are o.k. as far as I remember)?

ADSM/0, NAD Masters M22, KEF R700
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2017-10-02, 19:23
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RE: QNAP TS412 Drive Replacement
Status update:

The Drive 4 replacement I put in kept failing the block-by-block check. So I bought a new WD drive (black--best longevity of their various lines) and installed it in Bay 4, hoping to see a RAID 1 volume rebuild happen with drives 3&4. The files did get copied over fully & automatically from drive 3 to drive 4, but the 2-drive mirrored volume was reported to have remained as two separate drives.

So I assumed it was the one remaining drive (drive 3) that was the issue (since it too wouldn't complete a block-by-block check--that check kept ending with no failures reported but with the drive marked as inactive). So I bought a second new black WD drive and installed that in Bay 3. The TS-412 recognized it too, like it had the new WD drive in Bay 4, and the files then got copied over from Drive 4 to the new Drive 3 fully & automatically.

So now I had replaced both drives of the Drive 3/4 RAID 1 volume, with brand-new drives. And I now had two separate new drives each with all the files on them. But the 2-drive mirrored RAID volume was still not seen as a virtual volume--it was still two separate drives (Drive 3 and Drive 4).

So I connected via my PC and could see the files. Did not know which of the two drives I was looking at but I did a bunch of file updates, then powered down the NAS, pulled one of those two new drives, and re-powered up. The drive I'd left in had all the updates. Then I powered it down again and put the pulled drive back in and pulled the other one...and then powered up. I saw that IT HAD ALL THE UPDATES TOO.

This means that the 2-drive mirrored volume is in fact in effect and working as intended. But the config utility (browser-window-based) still thinks the "Drive 3/4" mirrored volume is inactive.

I don't know why, and the RAID config window only offers me the "recover" button for that volume...and selecting it does nothing at all. Several gracefull reboots later it still reports that the "Drive 3/4" mirrored volume is inactive.

So I have the functionality I want, and the NAS box is doing what I want, but the NAS box doesn't know it's doing so. Per its config utility, it thinks this:

-- Drive 1 is ready & "GOOD" per the HDD's own report
-- Drive 2 is ready & "GOOD" per the HDD's own report
-- Drive 3 is ready & "GOOD" per the HDD's own report
-- Drive 4 is ready & "GOOD" per the HDD's own report
-- Drives 1/2 are an active mirrored volume
-- Drives 3/4 are an INactive volume.

But in truth the system behaves as if that last line is really this:
-- Drives 3/4 are an active mirrored volume

I have resisted doing any FW updates through this whole issue, although I suppose that maybe I should update it now...maybe that would shock the system into knowing what it's doing (or maybe it'd stop doing what I want...not sure).

- Mike
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