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Konfig for iPad in the planning?
2017-09-09, 14:58
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RE: Konfig for iPad in the planning?
(2017-09-07 04:51)Paulssurround Wrote:  ...I think some people , such as Briain, use VNC Viewer.


For anyone wanting to have the facilities that I'll describe below, but who can't be bothered setting it all up, I would suggest it's probably worth hiring someone to come over and set it all up for you; once it is all set up and working, it's then child's play to actually use it, so there should only be the initial cost to get it all set up and configured (and it's most certainly not a long job for anyone familiar with the matter, so it shouldn't be an expensive job).

I now use RealVNC Viewer on my Linux laptop (and occasionally on my iPad) to 'drive' all the other computers in the building, including:

A fanl-less Windows 10 PC hooked into my ADSM
The desktop PC in my bedroom (only occasionally used)
A Windows VM installed on my Qnap (only occasionally used)
Two Raspberry Pi devices in my cellar (one is an internet radio streaming unit and the other is for a bespoke project)*.

The only one of the above that has a screen and keyboard attached is the bedroom PC; the rest run 'headless' (no screen, mouse or keyboard).

It is easy enough to install and run, but I like to set it to work with an existing Windows account and thus I buy the license whenever I install it (just for the first year) and that entails adding permission to do so (to Windows) so for folks who really can't be bothered faffing about with such stuff, I'd suggest hiring someone to set it up for you (and install the applets on your iPad or Android phones, then set up the connections to the PC.

Once it is all set up, the server end will start with the Windows machine and then it's simply a case of opening the RealVNC Viewer applet on the iPad and tapping on the connection, then up pops the desktop of your Windows PC. The iPad applet is a joy to use (so I'd guess the Android one is also good) and when using my Linux laptop to 'drive' the remote computer, I toggle the remote machine's display** into the same resolution as my Linux laptop, then when running RealVNC full screen, it is as if the laptop was a Windows box.

There is yet another advantage to doing what I do. If you connect the Windows box to the wired network (to your switch) then it means you can use a wireless laptop (or iPad) to control it, but as you are only remote controlling the wired machine, you aren't restricted by the capacity of the wireless network. So, if you update art or tagging on an album then upload it to your NAS, it uploads very quickly (it's a gigabit connection) and also, if updating devices like your DS, you are actually doing it over a wired connection (as recommended by Linn); the only wireless part is your remote controlling link, so if that is interrupted, the DS update carries on going (it's as if you were working directly on the wired machine and just walked away after starting it).

Lots to like, so if anyone wants that feature set, then it would likely not be expensive to hire an IT chap for an hour to come and set it all up for you (or if you are in central Scotland, hire me)! Big Grin Big Grin I would expect many Linn dealers might a relationship with a small IT company to cover larger installations (e.g. commercial installations) so if you don't know anyone who might advise on a suitable person, perhaps ask your dealer if they know anyone who could advise (I know that when I worked at the Edinburgh Linn dealership, quite a few of our customers worked in IT).


*Just for anyone who likes tinkering, it's worth noting that the current Raspberry Pi builds come with the 'full' version of RealVNC server installed (for educational purposes) so if you need a Pi to monitor something (like I do) you simply configure its wireless connection, then dump it next to the device you are wanting to monitor or control, and power it up (then all subsequent work is done via its RealVNC connection); makes them very handy devices (though sadly, there's still no Linux version of Konfig, so they're no use for your Linn system).

**Incidentally, for anyone wanting desktop shortcuts to re-size the display, there's a cool tool by 12noons which works a treat (home use is free) but if it doesn't work (if you get a Windows pop-up saying the resolution isn't supported) it will take a little bit of faffing about to get it going (might need switches appended to the desktop shortcut). Of course, these shortcuts can then be added to the Windows task-bar (very cool).

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