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Frequent flyer Paulsurround
2017-09-18, 20:00 (This post was last modified: 2017-09-18 20:01 by allangaard.)
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Frequent flyer Paulsurround
Paul has landed back in Vancouver after his helping hands has been to the United States a couple of times. From what I have read Paul had a great time and made many new friends along the way. I am sure he has shown them the potential of Linn's Space Optimization. As we all know, here on the forum, Paul has put in a lot of time and energy into working and learning this system. I am one of the lucky ones as Paul has done nine different iterations of Space Optimization. Each time pulling out a little more of my systems potential. The last adjustment being a couple of days ago. According to S.O. settings the last one he did was about six months ago. Wow how time flies. We have hung out since then for a bite to eat or a walk as well as listening to his system.
It just amazes me how a tweak in the Frequency (HZ) and a little less gain in the bandwidth (Octaves) can bring out the inner details hidden in the recordings. After a couple of days of listening there is just a little bit more of everything. Also the brighter recordings are more enjoyable. A casual listener to my system may not notice the changes, but to me it is a rewarding change for the better.
This technology of Space Optimization, I feel, could be a double edged sword so to speak. It is great that Paul has dedicated countless hours to learn the intricacies of this Linn system. In the wrong hands who knows what you may end up with. I myself do not have the patience or the skill to fine tune Space Optimization to this extent. I would probably just get a laser measuring tool and input all the numbers into the appropriate boxes and be done with it. That's just me.
So this is my shoutout to Paul for thanks on a job well done. Happy listening to all.

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2017-09-18, 20:20
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RE: Frequent flyer Paulsurround
Thanks Allan, always a pleasure.

You have become a great friend over the last few years. Big Grin

I appreciate all the times you have let me practice SPACE optimization on your Linn system.

I think this has helped benefit my learning a lot, and helped many Linn owners as a result, so a big shoutout to you. Cool

Happy listening and thanks for the kindness.

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