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An Hamburger Linnies
2017-09-25, 13:21
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RE: An Hamburger Linnies
(2017-09-25 12:52)ChrisW Wrote:  Check out her solo performance at 1:46 on the iPlayer link.
Unbelievable timing and precision.

No, you can't make me listen to her again ... "Tout Dit" indeed!

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2017-09-26, 00:06 (This post was last modified: 2017-09-26 00:13 by Wat.)
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RE: An Hamburger Linnies
(2017-09-25 09:38)timster Wrote:  
(2017-09-25 09:33)Tin Wrote:  
(2017-09-25 00:23)Wat Wrote:  progressive medieval folk metal
The worst part is that I probably even know what you mean by that, but it really shouldn't make any sense at all. Smile

Ha. Progressive and medieval in one phrase is bad enough. But folk metal? Now they're just making it up... the excellent Ougenweide (not sure embedded YouTube works on an iPad so please try if you're intrigued.

Please don't confuse progressive medieval folk metal with heavy folk metal groups like Subway to Sally (Germany) Skyclad (UK): most of Skyclad LPs are on YouTube. Both genres contain some fine bands.

Perhaps one of the first & most well known progressive medieval folk metal songs is Alison Gross by Steeleye Span. A traditional tale of "the ugliest witch in the north country" & her attempts to get a man to become her lover & punish him through a transformation.

I think these genres contrast nicely with classical symphonic metal of bands like Nightwish from Finland.

It always puzzles me why do not see more of this wonderful music in the hit parade.

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2017-09-26, 06:14
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RE: An Hamburger Linnies
I actually quite like that, musically it is very pleasant to listen to. The texts elude me though, so I might miss some horrible things with summoning of demons.
In the Netherlands we had music like that in the early 70s as well, and being 5 at the time I did like the castle and minstrel references, so for me these are happy but simple memories.

ChrisW/Donald: What joke/quarrel am I missing between the 2 of you?
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