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Cassini and what politicians need to learn
2017-10-01, 18:52 (This post was last modified: 2017-10-01 18:53 by timster (RadiatorCatHammock).)
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Cassini and what politicians need to learn
Strange bed fellows. Sometimes they need to.

I have just watched the excellent BBC documentary on the near-30 year long Cassini mission to Saturn and its moons. I have nothing but total admiration for the people involved. The brilliance and enquiring nature of what they do is a lesson to all. Not knowing is where we as a species excel.

And yet the people in control can't stand it. So they make it up as they go along, pretending they know, and perverting science in order to do so. What's worse, is that there are some who claim to be scientists that pander to this ideological politics and sell their snake-oil as scientifically valid. It's easy to do to the primitive and ignorant. Very dangerous. And it happens in policy and law making more often than most would care to imagine.

Some may say this is trivial and matters not. But it does. These are the people who make laws, and these are the people that decide - for us - what is good for us.

I'd rather listen to the realistic and rational. I would vote for them every time. And their humanity makes it so much better for all:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=11278]

Rant over.

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