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Songcast Setup
2017-10-01, 20:16
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Songcast Setup
As I understand it, Songcast was originally conceived as a way to send audio from a Mac or PC to one or more DS players. Much of the documentation and forum threads I've seen support this.

I've also seen Linn docs about sharing music across multiple DS players, but I'm confused. The principal Linn Manual for Songcast seems old and written from the context of Kinsky with no mention of Kazoo. I also find in the Kazoo manual a section about Dynamic Grouping of rooms (which is what I want to do) but it doesn't seem to work. I have carefully followed the steps to be taken in Konfig, and my Kazoo on my iPad shows "Main + 1" with another DS Room being the +1, but no music plays there.

Does anyone know of a thread where all this has been hashed out already? I've searched the forums but haven't found much.

Thanks for any assistance.

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