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Axis Niggles
2017-10-06, 15:59
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Axis Niggles
Hi All, firstly apologies for any wrong-doings, first post on here. I'm also far from a certified audiophile, I was fortunate enough to be gifted my turntable so I'm new to most of this, about 2 years in now with a modest system I'm happy with built gradually on a very tight budget.

Ok so I have an Axis, factory standard with Basik tonearm, swapped out old K9 for AT95e as K9 was getting on a bit. I have ironed out most of the set-up problems but some remain (the "starting up at 45rpm phenomenon" took a while to figure out!)

My niggles:

1) Tone-arm buzzing, when I pick up or touch the tone-arm by the fingerlift I get a strong buzzing sound through the speakers. Initially I thought this was an earth problem as the tone-arm earth wire (underneath) was missing. I had this replaced and buzzing has decreased but still present. Any thoughts?

2) Tone-arm set up, I have had this set up by a friend but I'm not sure if it is correct. They set up the counterweight and tracking dial while intentionally leaving the bias/antiskate at zero. Is this common? I have on occasion just clipped the corner of the plinth when about to lift the tone-arm at the end of a record and the stylus has easily bounced up and slid onto the inner label. is this related to the zero antiskate or just my clumsiness? Is there a perfect set up video clip out there somewhere?

3) An OCD related issue, the power/speed button label has been mounted very slightly skewwhiff (spelling?) and it just looks untidy. I would prefer if there was no label at all. Is there a safe way of removing the label without risk of damaging / peeling the top surface of the deck? If not I'll leave it.

So there you have it, apologies for the many questions but I went for the "all at once" option rather than many threads. Anyone with some spare time and plenty of Axis knowledge I greatly appreciate your feedback (no poor set-up pun intended!).

Many thanks

Linn Axis TT, Basik, AT95e. Linn Tukan Speakers, Yamaha YST SW90 Sub, TEAC AH300 amp.
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2017-10-06, 18:07
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RE: Axis Niggles
1) is the arm earth cable at the end with the phono plugs connected to your amplifier. If it is, it may be that there is a break in the earth wire - there was a thread about this very thing just recently.

2) the arm should be balanced by adjusting the counterweight, and THEN turn the dial ONLY so it reads Zero. THEN set the tracking force by turning the whole counterweight so the dial moves with it, until the dial reads 1.8 grams, or whatever you wish to set it to. Antiskate should be set to the same or slightly higher value.

3) don’t know.

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