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Alexa control of the DS
2018-04-12, 14:20
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RE: Alexa control of the DS
(2018-04-11 18:34)clanger9 Wrote:  For the sceptics out there (I'm one of them), you might want to try Alexa et al before dismissing the concept outright. I had a play with my parents' Echo Show the other day...

Yes, the sound quality is dire compared to a proper hifi, but I was able to mumble "Hey Alexa, play That's All by Sister Rosetta Tharpe" and dammit, it did. First attempt, complete with artist info and liner notes on the screen. It's very impressive. Tell it to "play music from the 60's" and it does. Much, much easier and quicker than faffing about with Kazoo.

If it could a) interact with my existing music collection and b) control playback through my DS, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

It's the future, I tell ya! ;-)

It's certainly part of the future that's for sure.

Re a post higher up - Amazon would prefer Alexa to integrate with everything and so they really aren't a barrier. After all Amazon were one of the first retail organisations to analyse what you buy and then compare that to other users own to predict what else you might like to buy. They would gain the same info from what you play and so it's a bonus not a negative for them and frankly for you/us. Big Grin

Linn said they had looked at it already and the hesitation was more to do with the quality of the music database (my words) which I took to mean the depth of work around recognition of musical commands, artists/albums and tracks. The latter being the issue. I am guessing that with Amazon Prime they can limit that to the music available but with a Linn DS it has to make a fist of anything. I would imagine classical is a bit of a mare to handle verbally.

Maybe someone from Linn can update us sometime.
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2018-08-05, 03:38
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RE: Alexa control of the DS
I believe I found a way to integrate Alexa with DS, but just some simple command for play, stop, next only.

I have tested and function properly on below skill for Alexa:
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2018-08-14, 09:19
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RE: Alexa control of the DS
We have a smart home skill available in beta test right now and we're looking for testers. See this forum post for details:
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2018-08-14, 21:15
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RE: Alexa control of the DS
(2017-10-10 22:47)phino Wrote:  Well we agree on 3D then Big Grin
You make a lot of good points, but it's not for me I don't think. I've had a mobile 'phone ever since I could afford one, but I still feel awkward using one in public - even when there's a real, live human on the other end.
As for music, listening mainly to classical I'd have a BIG problem with pronunciation so would likely end up listening only to what I could pronounce... on the other hand, it could be an education, which would be a plus.
I think for mass acceptance, everything will need to happen/be processed locally. Sending potentially all of your conversations over the internet to unknown servers just won't wash these days. It's amazing what you can piece together (right or wrong) from metadata so even just snatches of conversation could lead who-knows-where. Paranoid maybe and perhaps no different than simply surfing the web, but it's an additional channel of risk and we seem exposed to more than enough risk already.

I wonder if Paulssurround has any of that tin/aluminium/aluminum foil left Smile

I always have rolls of spare aluminum foil

You never know when you have guests over that need a foil hat. Tongue

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