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Control Panel option for signature?
2018-01-13, 19:48 (This post was last modified: 2018-01-13 19:50 by dave1812.)
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RE: Control Panel option for signature?
(2018-01-13 18:36)mickc Wrote:  Ooh, a Dragon! always fancied one when I was a lad but too pricey for me at the time.


Yes, I consider myself very lucky that for a short time, I was able to better indulge my audiophile tendencies by getting the equipment that I really liked instead of "making do" with components that were 3rd rate. I had a wife that was convinced that I would always want to upgrade no matter what I bought or how much I spent, so I kept telling her,"no, once I get the really good stuff, I'll be happy with it for years and won't keep upgrading". Well, I was true to my word--I have the same equipment here in 2017 that I bought in the years roughly 1982-1985. The only thing that's changed is the NAD preamp that I had to get as my Apt/Holman suffered it's finally indignity.

Funny you should mention the Dragon, as just a few minutes ago I was showing my wife how to push all the correct buttons on all the equipment to get the Dragon to play. Even she is amazed that we hadn't had all the equipment up and running, for many years. The Dragon and turntable had been stashed away for a long time. I feel like an idiot! Smile I love music, but it seems like the TV had taken over the family room/kitchen area. I felt I had to "put my foot down", so to speak, regarding devoting more time to listening to music (other than Pandora on my phone) in the family room. Turns out, she's loving listening to a lot of the same music that I like, although I have a ton of music she's not keen on such as The Doors.

Regarding the Dragon, there is one issue with it I would like to ask around about. What forum is out there for that? Whenever the cassette door is open, there is a humming sound that goes away when the door is shut. I can't recall if it did that when new. It plays tapes perfectly.

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