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Can we please have Tin and Glyn Ruck back to the FORUM?
2018-06-14, 23:31
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RE: Can we please have Tin and Glyn Ruck back to the FORUM?
(2018-06-14 15:08)sunbeamgls Wrote:  Arguments are fine when the argument is about the topic at hand.

Attack the topic, not the person, and all should be fine.

I think that that's as erudite a way of putting it as I could imagine.

There is a wealth of valuable knowledge, experience and opinion on this excellent forum, not to mention good natured argument and humour, all of which make me want to visit it nearly every day. The vast majority of contributors have something interesting and useful to say, and know how to do so without riling others or being accidentally, or deliberately, argumentative or obtuse. When those contributions outdo their usefulness by becoming means to score points against others' opinions or advice, something goes badly wrong. When they become abusive, that is totally unacceptable. Thankfully, the moderators of this forum have been expert in weeding out the (thankfully rare) offenders. If we lose some valuable knowledge in the process - and we undoubtedly have in the past - that to me is a small price to pay to keep the forum amicable and good natured. It shouldn't be difficult to make, or argue, a point without being disrespectful or offensive to another contributor. We all have our own experiences and preferences and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And each other's for that matter.

What brings us all together is our interest in a great and innovative Scottish audio manufacturer and its fine products. Let's celebrate that!Smile

KDS/3 - CD12 - SME 20/12 with V12 - Krystal - Uphorik - KK/1 - KCT/1 - custom Slate Age rack - Silvers - K200 - Akudoriks
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