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Majik DSM Surround
2018-06-18, 15:48
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RE: Majik DSM Surround
(2018-06-18 08:56)Simon Chisholm Wrote:  
(2018-06-17 14:54)CJ1045 Wrote:  As the Exakt Software is not formally released....

To avoid any confusion, support for surround sound via Exakt is fully released. It was included in Davaar 55 which was released in March 2017. An overview of the feature and setup rules is available on linn docs.

All true. Thanks Simon.

I was a beta tester for Exakt Surround, early last year, working with Simon on my observations.

In my humble opinion, it has been one of Linn’s greatest technical accomplishments and sounds astonishingly good. Big Grin

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2018-06-19, 04:44
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RE: Majik DSM Surround
(2018-06-15 20:27)davenavarrow Wrote:  Thank dou for all the answers!

Its to complicated...i dont buy an av reciever, the most of these are big and ugly and then i have one more remote.

Linn should be force a reasen, they also make marketing on the webpage with surroundsound.

When i buy 2 Exakt Speakers and a exactbox-i it should be possible or?
I think they are crazy...


Linn has decided some years ago to not have their equipment process the multitude of surround formats such as Dolby, DTS, etc... as these formats are constantly changing I can see their reasoning and I for one would rather their engineers spend time on things other than the latest dolby super deluxe flavor of the moment. Let the mass market less expensive gear handle it, after all who wants to have a $5000 + door stop in 5 years when a $200 door stop is available Tongue

Linn gear however will play multi-channel just fine IF the source is LPCM. Some "source" components such as an AV receiver will process a large number of surround formats and convert them to LPCM (check the source component's menu and see if output LPCM is an option).

So if you feed your DSM via HDMI with an LPCM signal and have enough speakers and amplification for multi-channel it works very well. Their are other options as well, using the AV receiver to take care of the center, rears and sub while sending pre-out to your Linn analog inputs for front left and right, etc.. however this becomes tricky when your Linn is exakt because of the processing delay, but it can be overcame as well.

I do wish Linn would do a better job explaining things however. Their marketing of surround needs a big fat * that clearly explains things.

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