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Nas backup
2018-07-12, 10:47
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RE: Nas backup
(2018-07-12 01:32)stewie Wrote:  "But that doesn’t help Stewie, who first needs to figure out how to get his primary backup working efficiently."

I think a new nas may be in order. A qnap would be preferred as the old one has shown great reliability. Looking on qnap site a ts-251+ or 251a look alright.

Any suggestions from anyone as to which nas they prefer and would be suitable for me. My main use is for music and computer backups. Does'nt have to be qnap.


Good,decision, Stewie. Qnap would be very ok for a couple of reasons. One being that you also need to consider how to migrate your old NAS. That would be quite easy if you could either do a NAS to NAS backup using QTS backup sw or if applicable to your old model even migrate the drives from old to new. There is a list of qnap models on the internet where migration compatibility applies. However if you don't have a full backup of everything today due to the reasons you described earlier I would not recommend to migrate the drives. Too risky, and you need newer drives anyhow. So a NAS to NAS copy over ethernet Gb ports would be the fastest and best approach. Once you are done with that you also need to define your further backup procedures, from new nas to ??? , probably external drive. That drive needs to be big enough to hold all your data and provide a fast interface to your new NAS. The TS 251+ you mention would have USB3 which is ok. Then ensure the external drive has a USB3 interface too. When you plug the drive into the NAS it will show in the QTS admin system as external drive and then you can proceed within the qnap backup
center to define a backup job as you prefer. May be use 2 external drives and put one into a remote place as suggested.

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Yesterday, 14:09 (This post was last modified: Yesterday 14:15 by solanum.)
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RE: Nas backup
In some ways, my NAS is my backup. I run Linux on everything and use rsync to update backups. Only takes seconds over usb2 if there are no changes and only copies changed files.

I have the master copy of everything on my Linux pc, then use rsync to synchronise the music files with my nas over SSH (Ethernet all the way, not WiFi). In addition I do a sync to an external USB hard drive approx monthly and any purchased downloads (ie where I don't have physical media) I put in one directory and that automatically syncs to Dropbox. finally, both the pc and the NAS use mirrored RAID (protects against hard disc failure, but not accidental deletion).

Sounds complicated, but isn't. Maintenance is approx 5 minutes a month of my time. Worst case scenario is the house burns down with everything in it and lose all but purchased downloads, anything else and I'm protected (I take a copy of the external hdd with me when I go away). If the house burns down and I don't get anything out I have more to worry about than CD rips.

PS I use a qnap TS-231p.

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