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Poll: Will you buy another CD player?
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The Death of CD Players?
2009-11-24, 14:12 (This post was last modified: 2009-11-24 14:16 by oliverh.)
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The Death of CD Players?
What do you think of Linn's recent decision to stop making CD players?

Also, see Gilad's latest blog entry for further discussion on this topic.
Gilad will be available to answer your questions in an online Q&A on Tuesday 1st December at 5 - 7 pm (GMT).

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2009-11-24, 14:16
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
Decided earlier this year I wouldn't be buying another CD player.

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2009-11-24, 14:25
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
DS with NAS sounds like a next step up
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2009-11-24, 15:00 (This post was last modified: 2009-11-24 21:55 by Imseti.)
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
No I won't be buying another CD player because:

1) I want the very best sound quality and Linn DS players are way out in front.
2) I'm one of the relatively few people on the planet prepared to put up with all the hassle of getting streaming players to work properly ie: finding different third party software to rip and tag some types of music properly, as well as finding the right software to display tracks properly in Kinsky or Win 7 WMP12.
3) I don't have a need to put a CD into a CD player and I have PCs on 24/7 and find playing my music collection so easy when anything can be played within 10 seconds of navigation, instead of hunting for a CD and going to the CD player to play it and change it afterwards etc.

But 99.99% of the world would not agree with me because of the complexities, nuisance, PC literacy required and lengthy time involved to research/try the various software to make it work properly.

This forum has music lovers and perfectionists that are prepared to spend any time and initial nuisance needed to obtain nirvana despite all the problems with DS, and is hardly representative of people around the world who will continue to buy CD players.

Linn ceasing CD player production is relatively meaningless in world market terms, except for those who feel they want to play CDs and *must* have a Linn one to go with the rest of their Linn system.

There are a few other manufacturers making superb CD players at a higher level than Linn's current range, where they will now buy from.

DS is the future and Linn do it the best, but we're not in the future yet and most people will shun it.

I love DS to death for my own personal needs.

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2009-11-24, 15:34
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
The decision doesn't surprise or bother me. Since I got my Klimax DS early last year, my Unidisk 1.1 has been on DVD playing duties. I've played a CD on it once, when my DS went back to the factory for its Dynamik upgrade, and it lasted for only 3 tracks before I switched it off. I won't need another CD player.

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2009-11-24, 15:53
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
I too have a Unidisk 1.1, and it is 99% used as a DVD player, and 1% as a POTENTIAL SACD / DVD Audio player, since I have quite decent collections of both. I can't bring myself to sell it, because that would make my multi-channel collection redundant, but at the same time, since I bought my Klimax DS I haven't put a disk of any kind in to listen to music. Hmmm ...

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2009-11-24, 16:01
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
Since I have a DS and I am quite happy with it I am not in the target group for buying another player which plays physical media anymore.

It took me one year to decide since I did not want to get computer, living room and audio too close together - since I have the DS it is not an issue anymore (did not imagine to get used to it so fast).

However, there might be people with less computer and networking skills who want to simply take out a CD put it in the player and hit play and hear music.
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2009-11-24, 17:03
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
Okay I know I'm in a minority, but I'm not interested in the slightest in home music networking so I will continue to listen to recordings via my CD12 until such a time as it is no longer sustainable. Thereafter, I will have to look elsewhere for my CD playback.

I have auditioned all varieties of Linn's DS players and have not heard any appreciable improvement in sound quality over my CD12-no I'm not deaf either. You say CD is a rigidly fixed format. What of it? So is the LP record, but this hasn't prevented Linn from continuing to develop its potential. To abandon CD is tantamount to throwing in the towel and saying we can't make it any better. As others have already shown, there is plenty more potential left in CD.

DS may be the route you have chosen, (and I won't go into the aspects of DS I find objectionable) but if Linn are going to abandon those loyal customers who still prefer to use a physical digital medium then I'm sorry, we will part company here.

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2009-11-24, 17:24
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
I'm going to copy my own post from another thread on this topic:

rowlandhills Wrote:I have a suspicion that if Linn prove to be too far ahead of the curve on this, they might release a hybrid "DS" player, which reads a CD into flash memory, then has a simple embedded UPnP server to send that to a built-in DS. It would only need to scan the first track before it starts playing, so you'd only lose about 1 minute. Then, while the first track is playing, it could scan all of the others too. Technically, it would be a DS player with built in ripper and server, not a CD player!

This might meet the needs of people like Auric, who still want something to physically put a CD into, and are not interested in a home network, tagged music etc.

Alternatively, thinking about this, you could have a very simple rip/serve box, which acts as a DHCP server, rips to temporary filespace (preferably solid state) and then serves up just that one album (with no tags etc. just "Track 1" like a CD player) before resetting itself when the next CD is loaded. This could then be used in the absence of any other home networking kit, and would just need a LAN cable to connect to a DS player giving effectively a two box "CD Player". Would work with any DS player, so could be upgraded as required from Sneaky through Klimax, and once people are used to the idea, they could upgrade to a full standard DS approach with NAS and home network as normal. Firmware updates could be applied by a dealer, as for current Unidisks etc.

What do people think?
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2009-11-24, 17:44
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RE: The Death of CD Players?
(2009-11-24 17:24)rowlandhills Wrote:  What do people think?
Now that is a good idea for those who are IT/Networkphobic Smile
It'll be like a transport for the DS DAC. OK it'll lag a few minutes while it rips, but it's an idea.

It'll be a CD player as such.... but with a buffer.

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