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Worst Hi-Fi Snake Oil?
2018-06-12, 10:59
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RE: Worst Hi-Fi Snake Oil?
(2018-06-12 09:51)wickie8166 Wrote:  
(2018-06-10 20:48)Music at Home Wrote:  Thanks, sounds like we're hearing similar things. If you appreciate what the Netgear switch does, you also need to try this:


DC power cable wrapped around a ferrite cable clamp. I can just about manage three loops. This is with the Netgear power supply supplied with a first version GS105. It's a big hefty wall wart and by the weight it's got a mains transformer in there and therefore a linear power supply. Ignore the earth wire attached to the case earth tag, attaching this to mains earth took things in the Cisco direction.

All system, room, ears, etc. dependent of course.

Have you ever compared this to PoE (Power over Ethernet)? I do not have a DC Power Supply anymore, though my AEDSM is connected directly to the wall ethernet outlet not to the switch. I need the switch only for my other devices. But I wanted to prevent any influence of a noisy DC PS.
I have not tried it but I think it depends on how noisy the power supply/device is which is providing power over ethernet. Not sure where you get your ethernet in the wall from - most likely your router.
I try to keep possible noise sources away from my NAS and my switch and my DS.
For me the next step is to feed the NAS also with a FRIWO power supply and move to an SSD disk in the NAS.
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2018-06-12, 11:12
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RE: Worst Hi-Fi Snake Oil?
(2018-06-12 09:51)wickie8166 Wrote:  Have you ever compared this to PoE (Power over Ethernet)?

No, I haven't. To do so, I think I would have to change my switch to one that can be powered over the Ethernet connection and then ensure one of the Ethernet cables to the switch is connected to a PoE source, I believe. What's your switch arrangement? Are you not dependent on the quality of the DC power supplied by the PoE source?

My system is sounding ridiculously good at the moment, so further tinkering has lost it's urgency, for now! I'm holding fire on any more network changes whilst keeping an eye on this device, which one day might come to fruition: . Looking forward to reading their published test results

ADS/3 -> ATC SCM19A's
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2018-06-14, 07:42 (This post was last modified: 2018-06-14 07:45 by wickie8166.)
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RE: Worst Hi-Fi Snake Oil?
Just if anyone is interested, this is my equipment including my connections.
I am also very satisfied with my sound quality.

As I hate DC PS, I am very convinced with my PoE-Solution.

I did not make any A/B-comparison of sound influences

FRIWO is definitely an option for the router in the basement

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