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Please focus on quality, not features
2008-04-26, 06:45
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Exclamation Please focus on quality, not features
Hi Linn R/D-team and forum friends.
During the first days on this forum, I have seen a lot of discussions regarding new features.

I just like to put the focus back on sound quality (i.e musicality) Big Grin
Features are nice but I buy equipment that maximize tune dem. Most of the time it has been Linn but not always.
I buy the best equipment, regardless of the brand name!

So, the main bulk of Linn R/D-time should be put on enhancing sound quality, not "wasted" adding features. Tongue
Competing with features is a war Linn can’t win and loosing focus on sound quality is risky, competitors catching up quickly.

Obviously this approach can be less pragmatic on entry level systems, but on the pinnacle Klimax products – no compromise please!
One example, why adding support for additional file formats on Klimax DS? Focus enhancing sound quality on FLAC instead. Only if Linn discover a better format, that should be introduced.
As a customer I can convert my files to FLAC ( or other format supported in Klimax DS) using my PC…

See you @
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2008-04-26, 08:49
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RE: Please focus on quality, not features
In the case of the DS, an increase in quality would either mean a higher bit-rate capability or hardware changes. Neither of which I anticipate in the short-term - the products have only just been released and the 24-bit 192kHz capability matches the current maximum word-length and sample rate from recordings already available.

Having said that, one feature enhancement that does count in my quality book would be the addition of Internet Radio to the upper range DS's. This is likely to bring Linn-quality Internet Radio that beats anything else on the market and obliterates DAB.

Looking at the broader picture, Linn are definitely still investing in quality. Hardly anyone can touch them when it comes to reproducing:

1) Correctly timed rhythmic overlays
2) Tunes with presence

In terms of amplifiers, Linn are continuing their research. A year of so ago they released a paper about their Digital Amp research activities - basically saying that they find the technology interesting and will continue researching it without releasing a product until it betters their existing analogue amplifiers. An awesome prospect when that happens!

Andrew Randle
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2008-04-26, 16:11
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RE: Please focus on quality, not features
I have to agree with Andrew. While obviously sound quality should always be first - and it generally is with Linn. Adding a capability like Internet Radio or Apple Lossless playback capabilities to the Klimax DS (or other DS units) will not harm the sound quality it has with FLACs. It will just expand the number of situations in which it can be used, leading to greater sales which gives Linn more money for R&D to make the products better.

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2008-04-26, 22:01
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RE: Please focus on quality, not features
In addition to the points of Andrew and Thomas, I would like to point out that for me the presence of functions is a reason to buy a product. I like to have both, a superior sound quality and an up-to-date function set.

Let's take a nice Sportscar - a Mercedes SLR: This car has an automatic gear in addition to the shift paddels. Does it need to have an automatic gear - No. Does it affect the performance - Not really. So, why shouldn't Mercedes offer their customers the freedom of choice?

As Linn have prove with a lot of their products (e.g. Kisto) a feature packed device can sound perfect. So I would like to encourage them to continue with the approach to enhance functionality of ALL DS products.

An added function does not affect another, if they are not running at the same time. As long as there is memory left, adding a feature like a different codec does not harm any existing code. It would be different story and need to be evaluated by Linn R&D if they were to intruduce a function that would run in parallel to the existing routines. That does not appear to be the case with any of the currently discussed features.

Given the recent discussion on Codecs and Internet Radio, just imagine the fact that this will create "the best sounding Internet Radio". Why shouldn't Linn offer this feature to their customers?

Music Lover, if you recall the Klimax Solo was developed 8 years ago and has not yet lost any competitive position with regard to sound quality. So I think we shouldn't be overly anxious if Linn is enhancing the feature set of the Klimax DS.
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