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2010-11-13, 20:46
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RE: expensive disappointment?
It's not that were stuck with the 3rd parties. It's that we're not stuck with the Linn stuff. All of this stuff changes at an incredible pace. What would happen if we need to upgrade our sound systems when the information handling capabilities change to something we desire?

I don't know about you, but I prefer to pay the prices associated with PC/Network/(even)Apple stuff as opposed to the Linn prices. Keeping sound quality and control abilities separate saves all of us in the long run.

I can envision the KDS lasting as long as my 30 year old LP12. The computer I'm writing this on is a couple months old and I know it will be replaced within 2-5 years.

In my case learning all of this for my DS has paid off saving me much time when I had to network my office computers. Smile
I was much more motivated by the music.

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2010-11-13, 20:56
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RE: expensive disappointment?
To get the most out of DS you do have to 'get into it', IMO.

Most will have some problems of albums not showing up, due to their server not recognising certain tags, etc. The one on my NAS didn't like apostrophes. Once I removed them from the tag, the album art would appear. I know this is actually the fault of the server, but it is a problem that has to be overcome by searching forums/phoning dealers. I actually enjoyed learning about networks, but imagine what it's like for those who don't. If a person does not want to 'get into DS', then I imagine the dealer will need to do quite a few regular visits.

I'm split on the whole open source issue. On one hand I love that 3rd parties can make control software, etc, but on the other when you consider it's purely for playing music... And, when you look how user friendly Sonos & itunes are, and then how klunky Kinsky Desktop is, it kind of makes you feel Linn are being somewhat lazy.

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2010-11-13, 20:56
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RE: expensive disappointment?
(2010-11-13 20:46)SaltyDog Wrote:  It's not that were stuck with the 3rd parties. It's that we're not stuck with the Linn stuff.

Linn should in my view provide all the necessary software so that it's a package for all to use and all be free of reliance on third party companies and their yearly charges, but still have the option for other more experienced users to use Asset, dbpoweramp, Twonky etc etc if they so wish instead.

But at least have the thing you bought as a package most can use without having to be an IT savvy person to get your product working.

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2010-11-14, 04:46
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RE: expensive disappointment?
Getting used to the world of "DS" will take time. The best advice has been posted and I will support it since I have, in the last two weeks, jumped into the DS pool of exaltation and confusion. Your Linn dealer should be helping you: he or she should have done a complete set up and shown you how all of it works. I purchased a used Majik DS from my dealer (Gary of, and he did the complete install + set up the programs + made all of the necessary configurations. Any problems I encounter, I can send him an email (and I have sent several), and he responds speedily. If your Linn dealer charges you by the hour, it is worth it to get all properly in place. Soon, you will be able to just enjoy the exaltation.

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2010-11-14, 20:18 (This post was last modified: 2010-11-14 20:20 by markusp.)
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RE: expensive disappointment?
JGillies - I too am new to the world of DS, having purchased a Sneaky DS and leaving the world of Naim behind me.

I spent a very frustrating evening trying to get things up and running but by the morning, when I had calmed down, I simply set up Twonky server again from scratch, directed it to my music folder on my Mac and downloaded Plug Player for my ipad. BINGO - up and running within minutes! I was so impressed with my home trial of the Sneaky DS that I sold off my Naim CD player and Naim Supernait and am simply using the Sneaky DS directly to my speakers. Surprisingly, it has more than enough power to run my Naim SBL speakers and I can honestly say this is the best sound I have ever had in my home, and I have gone through a LOT of kit over the past 10 years Sad

By the way, a great interface to run directly on the Mac is ChorusDS. Super simple to operate and creating playlists is easy peasy.

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2010-11-14, 21:55
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RE: expensive disappointment?
Being IT-literate the setup was no problem for me and the benefits of the DS system were immediate, however i can very much appreciate people that struggle to understand how it all works and how it's setup, configured and then used.

I do think Linn have missed a trick by not providing easily installable in-house software, and i'm certain it has put off a large amount of potential customers, however i appreciate that they're not a software house, so it's outside of their remit.

However, i like the way software from other vendors is easily usable with the Linn kit, and i think the competition in this market can only make better streaming and control software.

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2010-11-14, 23:50
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RE: expensive disappointment?
In the early days I struggled with anything for Mac that Linn developed however Kinsky Desktop for Mac (latest build) runs perfect,for Flac conversion I use Max & for Album Art a brilliant programme called Media Rage...

In the early days I used to yearn to simply go back to putting a Cd in the drawer but now I would never go back to Cd's which now seem something from the dark ages!

Persevere you will get there,the best advice I got was from this forum including from the Linn people themselves...

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2010-11-15, 00:49
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RE: expensive disappointment?
Hi JGilles!

I definitely feel your pain......those of us coming from a Mac background get a bit spoiled with the "it just works" paradigm that the platform generally provides. I just went through an hour of troubleshooting myself tonight, finally giving up on ChorusDS and SongBook and falling back to the previous Squeezebox Server/SqueezyDS setup that I thought was broken last month.

But, to repeat the theme echoed by many of the other replies -- Keep on persevering......the end result is totally worth it.

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2010-11-16, 00:27
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RE: expensive disappointment?

I have a Windows Home Server (i.e. AVA RS3 music server) and a Netgear NV+ NAS server for music storage.

My own experience is that the Windows Home Server is a far simpler way to store music and the AVA RS3 has the advantage that it comes with all the software and licenses required to convert CD's to FLAC format. Essentially, all you have to do is feed in the CD's one after another.

I have never been a great fan of iTunes so have no experience of using with DS equipment.

The Linn forums are extremely useful. Particularly the posts regarding Twonky and the Netgear NAS server - I would have never got Twonky working with the Netgear NAS without the Linn forum.

Although it can be a pain to get everything working it is well worth it - the sound is something special.

In the last few days I have been struggling to set-up my turntable and as sometimes happens I have broken off a cartridge tag. As a consequence I know how frustrating it can be when all you really want to do is listen to music.


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2010-11-16, 09:49
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RE: expensive disappointment?
(2010-11-13 14:50)JGillies Wrote:  1st thread and maybe speaking out of turn..

Having spent the best part of £2000 on 140's and Sneaky DS, is it me or is the set up for these 2 beautifully crafted products a complete nightmare.
I use a Mac and I would have thought Linn in all its manufacturing and development expertise would have created an 'out of the box' user friendly product that would not rely upon 3rd party software, additional hardware and ultimately further expense to achieve the Linn listening experience. I do not question the functionality of the product, the build or the price. What I am most disappointed about is having to rely upon unstable / unpredictable / unLinn manufacturers for my listening pleasure.

I am sure we are all excited about the new Akurate system but surely some development should have gone into support software for the Mac and a possible Linn designed and manufactured server. I would be the first in the queue for that.

Easily solved. Use a proper operating system, not the wooly womb that is the OSX. Takes about 20 minutes to set up a rock steady, stable DS system then.


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