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Major change in the music industry
2011-02-05, 16:24 (This post was last modified: 2011-02-05 16:33 by JohnC.)
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RE: Major change in the music industry

Well much as I agree with some of the posts on here I think a simple point has been overlooked.

Today the people that buy music players in the main want something simple and in one box. The mobile phone is very quickly becoming the calendar, notebook, camera, music player, internet access point and, oh yes, a phone! (Oh and I forgot, my new phone also has Sat-Nav)!

The other fact people seem to overlook is that people want music on the move, why have a HiFi in a house when they can keep in touch with their friends while walking, driving, having dinner, going to the pub and have music as well. Need I go on?

The market whatever the posts on here say for high quality music is just not there for the average person in the street. They could not care what it sounds like as long as it plays music and they can get it easily. Do you really think people will pay for higher quality downloads when simple MP3 files fit the bill, I think not.

The HiFi market is shrinking for all but a few, the market does not really serve the beginner. Look at the posts on here and other forums where people are looking for second hand equipment because they cannot buy new as it is so expensive.

So the market for high quality music will remain as it always was for those in a minority.

As for Apple, the big guns are out to overtake them in all their areas of products, phones, tablets, internet access points and music players. Their time is coming, you might still be able to buy iTunes, but my guess is that a great majority will be playing on products that are not made by Apple.

My two pence worth, I will retreat and keep my head down for the flac, or should that be MP3's Big Grin



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