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Major change in the music industry
2011-02-05, 19:33 (This post was last modified: 2011-02-05 19:34 by billzab.)
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RE: Major change in the music industry
Reading all this with interest guy's, and thought I would stick my oar in, so here are my thoughts.

1. We (top end H-Fi users) are not in the headlights of the current music industry. Why, because we are middle aged. Not old, but middle aged. The music industry, while embracing itunes MP3, are clinging on to CD for dear life. Look at the adverts on the TV at Christmas, Valentines day, etc. They are all about getting people to buy these CD's as presents. They try to brainwash the downloading youth that parents would like this CD, or that CD. And it works.

There was an advert last fathers day for some 'Driving Compilation' and my son was sitting next to me when it came on the TV. 'Do you fancy that' he said. I told him that if he ever bought me a CD that contained 'Boston's More than a feeling', I would cut him out my will. I felt quite proud of myself, knowing that I had ruled out the possiblity of hime finding any compilation without it.

I read somewhere a while back that the majority of CD's sold these days, are sold as presents for someone else. And old folk still buy CD's because they don't trust or understand downloads.

2. I disagree with those that say the music industry is dead or dying. It is dead as far as we hi-fi users are concerned. But what has been the top rated show in the UK over the last 5 years. Yes, love it or hate it, it's the X-Factor. And what is it about? It's about music. Yes Music and selling music. Maybe not the kind of music we like, but it is music none the less. Interesting X-Factor fact: The shows final gets well over 15 million viewers, yet the sales of winning single is counted in the thousands. Why? Because music has gone visual. Yep, Video killed the radio star! If the X-Factor was a radio show, how many would listen to it? Not many.

My neighbours teenage daughter does not download songs to her iPod, she downloads videos or watches them on MTV or You-Tube. It's throw away stuff, but the kids of today don't care. I still listen to albums I bought over 35 years ago, how many of todays generation will be able to say that? So it's new act after new act for the kids and repackage, repackage, repackage for the oldies.

3. I am currently trying to sell my Classik to enable me to upgrade my Sneaky to a MajikDS. I have asked my friends and work collegues if they are interested in it, and guess what, no takers. Why? Most of them don't actually sit down and listen to music. One lad was interested because he could play his x-box and TV through it, until he found out it was not 5.1. Another comment was, can I play my ipod through it? Yes I said and your CD's. Don't bother with them any more was the reply. So who's going to buy it? If I manage to sell it, I bet it is to someone over the age of 40, who still has a collection of CD's and does not have an iPod or download account.

4. The only good thing to come out of the demise of the CD and the sale of music is the upsurge of live music. Bands now tour more than they ever did or had to do. My last gig was to see 'The Gaslight Anthem'. These boys wont get on the TV much, and probably don't want to, but boy are they good live. Only problem is this doesnt help the cause for Hi-Fi users.

One thing is for sure, what ever the future of the Music Industry is, it won't give a thought to us Hi-Fi buff's. We need to understand, we are a minority as far as the big players are concerned.

Feel free to pick this to bitsBig Grin. Cheers, Bill

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