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Major change in the music industry
2011-02-07, 22:14
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RE: Major change in the music industry
(2011-02-07 20:04)billzab Wrote:  Warren, I was not talking about 'Voted' for shows. ... viewing figures (X-Factor final 15.2 Million , Top Gear average 6.5 Million).

I think we are on the same page. Though what is the X-Factor average? Comparing an XF final with an TG average isn't fair either.

Obviously Top Gear is not only the best TV programme in the UK, it is broadcast internationally. Thus making it not only the best TV programme in the UK, but the best TV programme, in the world. ;-)

And I guess as "in the worlds" go, being the best TV programme in the world, is probably the best in the world, in the world.

With Pop-Factor I was also referring to Simon Cowell's previous and similar program Pop-Idol as well as X-Factor. Just as iPhod was a compression of iPod and iPhone.

I suspect Top Gear appeals to a wide and diverse demographic. It is definitely written for it. It clearly has stuff that appeals to children as well as a mature and much more subtle audience. So average age wouldn't strike me as a particularly useful number.

Actually, I think this is the most insightful discussion we've had on this forum so far. I hope doodlebug agrees, having been perceptively critical of one of our previous discussions.

I almost didn't write my previous post. Wondering what was the point. Would anything come of it? I guess I'm just more interested in action being taken rather than just talking about the situation in the world (of hifi).

This forum is interesting. The quality of discussion is higher than on the other forums I've seen. Also several of us met 6 months ago in Glasgow, although I didn't get the chance to meet and get to know everyone. And there will be more of that, and more of the repercussions of that after the LP12 gathering in March.

As the old quote goes, "the one thing we learn from history is that we do not learn from history". Thinking back to the early-to-mid 90s when I first got into both the internet and serious hifi, the predictions people made then about the future of the hifi industry were completely wrong. Who predicted the death of the CD player, the resurgence of vinyl and high-end turntables. If the future is created by human beings, and human beings are driven by passion, then if we look at the past, most people were dispassionately buying CDs while some were passionate about vinyl. Now most people are just dispassionately in the routine of downloading mp3s while, again, a select few are passionate about quality, whether vinyl or download. The future looks interesting.

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