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Full Version: Tidal Goes Hi-Res with MQA
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Looks interesting, and at no extra cost over the current hifi subs. But desktop only at the moment.

Will our DSs cope with this in the future please Linn?

At least we'd be able to hear the watermarking distortion that much better Wink
I have it working via Roon into my RPI3. The Smiths Strangeways Here We Come 48kHz 24bit - from a Roon forum discussion.

Wow- it would be nice if this is incorporated into the DS architecture.

MQA Hi Res and ROON - wouldn't that be something
Yeah.. a cage.
Just read on What Hi-Fi magazine that Tidal are now offering Hi Res streaming to any subscribers who have the Hi-Fi package at £20 PM at no additional cost. At the moment it is only available on lap tops and only limited albums....So Linn, when will this be available on our Akudoriks:-).
They are available by Roon and I am streaming via Raspberry PI3 into my system. Sounds great.

Let's see how long Tidal will be around. Or maybe successful MQA field
test finally gets them acquired by somebody...
listening to MQA Tidal on my MacBook.

Hmmm interesting... not sure yet what to make of it.
I think it's MQA encoded, isn't it? In which case it won't do us much good on our Linn players.
Encoded? Masquerading as Quality Audio, then.

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