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Full Version: Bubble DS Next 2.7 not updating playlist from streamer
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Bubble DS Next is showing an empty Now Playing and Playlist screen after a certain time of streaming music to my Majik DSM. Playback continues ok and controlling the streamer through Bubble is unaffected. The app seems to loose eventing from the DS so that updates are not notified anymore from the DS to the app. This has not happened some time ago but I am not sure to what recent events / updates this might relate to. I am running Bubble DS next version 2.7 on a Lenovo Tablet with Android 7.1.1. Problem is the same when Bubble is run from my Galaxy Note 3 (Android 6). Same with Bubble UpnP. Kazoo sees more stable but has shown this behaviour as well.
Majik Firmware is latest Davaar 59.185 beta (not yet updated to Davar 60). Is this a problem of the streamer or of the controller software?

MDSM/3 -> Exaktbox-I -> K40 -> Ninkas
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