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dBpoweramp rubbish, any alternative?
2017-11-16, 00:59 (This post was last modified: 2017-11-16 01:00 by lyapounov.)
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RE: dBpoweramp rubbish, any alternative?
(2017-11-14 10:33)MrWriter Wrote:  Can somebody be kind enough to tell me what to have 'all' the settings set to, not only in the main dBpoweramp interface, but in the preferences too. I'd be much obliged.

I think you stated right when you said that apple ripped without even telling you there were errors.

So here is the important parameters :

dbPowerAmp >preferences

the first choice is about Ripping method

if you choose Fast, then it is like Apple : life is beautiful, and you have ripped your CD. But there is a risk (it happened to me) that suddenly, you have horrible clicks inside a track

If you choose Secure (Recover error) then you may have the pain to spend 8 hours (yes, it happened to me) to rip one single track. But then you should have no click.

What causes this errors ? Any of those

- bad pressing.

- issues on the CD surface : dust, scratches, jam (yes, a friend of mine, gave a CD to his young daughter. She put her finger full of jam on the CD, but he never noticed until he tried to play it). This one is common

- optical lens is dirty, or misaligned.

Hope it helps. BTW, even on Qobuz, they sell CDs where one tracks is bad, with those clicks. It happened to me once, I complained, and they withdrew the album.

So as a recap never complain against a software which tells you the truth about how bad is your CD.

FYI I ripped around 1500 albums using dbpowerAmp...
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