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Open Source at Linn
2018-01-14, 12:03
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Open Source at Linn
Dear Linn,

First of all, thanks for the great products you make. I am a happy owner of a Majik DS-I and it has given me countless opportunities for pleasure and relaxation. I recommend your products to all my friends interested in music reproduction.

But the post is about something different. You have been for some time now hosting . I understand that OSS there stands for Open Source Software. This is surely something to be proud of!

But I have noticed that "recently" you've not been doing your best work to keep it up to date. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of the following statements.

First of all there are both Kazoo and KazooServer there. The former at some point "lost" its Linux build and as far as I remember haven't ever been published as an Open Source project. The second one contains binaries for various NAS operating systems, but not for desktop x86_64 Linux. It's source code used to be hosted at GitHub, as far as I remember, but it ceased to exist there.

Konfig seems to share Kazoo's fate. Although there is a proper Linux binary in the downloads section it is almost as ancient as time itself. Besides, the code has never been published as well, am I right?

The developer programme mentions things such as Nokia N800 and Windows Mobile. Ever archaeologists scratch their heads when asked about such topics. And the build instructions reference an svn server that hasn't been touched in a while as well.

Then there is the GitHub repository itself. I really appreciate it, and I couldn't have written without your open source libraries. But building the projects is really tough as first of all, it contains a lot of references to your walled resources (like downloading binary dependencies from your NATed servers) and second: it is a moving target. Some libraries reference other libraries with a full version number but you tend to clean those versions up and not update the projects themselves so the builds simply fail.

I understand you are not an Open Source company in the first place, but I believe having a great open source community around your products could actually boost development of third-party products and services which will, in turn, increase your sales. I'd really love to see OpenHome and Songcast supported outside your own garden and a few copycats. Also: it's much cheaper to let a bunch of enthusiasts build a value for you than doing it yourself. Think about it, please.

Finally, I am open to chat and would be happy to help if you wanted to tackle the problem.

Thanks for your consideration and best wishes,
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