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Plans replace Random by Error
2018-06-20, 09:48 (This post was last modified: 2018-06-20 12:08 by wickie8166.)
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Plans replace Random by Error

have you ever made plans, just to throw them away, when the circumstances became different?

I am convinced that this is what plans are made for Big Grin

I for myself had a clearly defined upgrade plan. The limitation factor is cash, so my upgrade path follows a sequence.

My original plan:

1) Katalyst Upgrade! I heard Katalyst Akubariks and it was stunning. While it influences any source of music (streaming, vinyl, CD) it has had my first priority

2) Keel! My LP12 is set up on a Majik LP12 Platform and still has a steel subchassis. So I think this is the bottleneck for an improved sound quality.

3) Urika II: I love the EXAKT Solution and getting the ADC as close to the Source as possible. I think this will be much better than my Akurate Phono Preamp.

What made my plan change?

An opportunity to buy a Keel for half the price from a dealer who is giving up his business and sells the demo equipment. In the last two years I just only found offerings of 2nd hand keels twice. So when I saw it, I was sure to change my priorities.

The keel is original Linn without doubt. Excellent condition! And now in my handsBig Grin

I know my dealer will not be amused for my good bargain, but he will certainly sell me the other two items later. And even if he charge me some money for implementing the keel, I refuse to wait for the URIKA II just to build in both at the same time.

Or should I? Do you think, the additional implementation of the Urika would beast the risk of doing any harm or is it an quiet easy replacement of the Trampolin?

Setting up the Keel is surely more effort, I presume.

What do you think?

LINN: LP12, Trampolin, Keel, Radikal, EKOS 2, Krystal, AEDSM, Akubarik Exakt, Karik III
POWER: MFE Power Conditioner NF-3, Goldkabel executive SuperCord Gold
NAS: Synology RS814 (8TB), Minimserver
SAT: VU+ Solo2 Twinreceiver HD
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2018-06-20, 14:23
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RE: Plans replace Random by Error
Replacing the Trampolin with the Urika is quite simple. It's actually simpler to build a deck with one for those that are not great at cable dressing, which unfortunately I've seen a few mess up.
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